Canadian born Brianna Barnes is a critically acclaimed young actress who has successfully made the transition from top model to silver screen. As an official selection for Best Lead Actress in a Short Film at the 2016 Berlin Film Festival, Brianna is already well on her way to becoming a star.


Brianna was just 13 when she was discovered by AMTI, a modelling agency in Ottawa, Ontario. Her zest for adventure kicked in and she soon made her Paris modelling debut where she won model of the year in competition, landing her representation from top agencies, including Wilhelmina New York. From there, her modelling career took her to the United States, across Europe, to Asia and Australia.


When she set her sights on acting, she did so with vigour and studied with renowned acting teacher William Esper in New York City. Since graduating, she has been cast in numerous indie films including Lucas Passmoore’s The Day and Melissa Kent’s directorial debut Bernie and Rebecca, which received multiple film festival accolades, including ones for her performance as the film lead Rebecca. Recently, she took on the role as Moth in the modern-day movie adaptation of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Currently, she’s attending The Groundlings Theatre & School in Los Angeles, a prestigious comedy training ground that has been the springboard for countless comedic careers, including Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig.


Brianna has also been a regular presenter on Globe Trekker, an outdoor adventure travel show that is broadcast in more than 40 countries. The role has taken her to Peru, El Salvador, Honduras, Zanzibar and more. 


Her vivacity, enthusiasm and comedic instincts are not only what makes her such a spirited performance artist but they are also the true defining traits of her genuine nature.