When you actually want to hit your funny bone...


A lot of people I meet tell me,
“I wish I could spend a day in your head.  I think it must be so much fun.”  
Well here’s your chance!!! Maybe not a full day or even a full hour.  But at least a bite-sized glimpse of ‘The Bri Bri’s’ Brain.  This is my first blog post ever! Boosch!  
In this blog, I hope to share my thoughts, experiences and journey.  Especially sharing my way through the Biz!  Acting is an awesome rollercoaster.  At least once a month if not more, I will blog away.  And hopefully at minimum I will make you smile. :) Lets get cheesy together.  After all my nick name is Bri.  I wanna bring some more light into this place.  
    I was laughing so hard at a online video, I hit my funny bone and the ever familiar tingle spread down my arm.  Then my laughter turned to tears….just kidding! Not really….Okay maybe a litle, I’m a wimp.  It’s so nuts how, what is 'funny’ changes from person to person so greatly sometimes.  For instance this photo…

… I laughed for a good solid five minutes…no joke.  Even as I’m typing this I. Am. Giggling. An oldie but a goodie.  Or the first time I watched 'Marcel the Shell’ if you haven’t you need to..you’ve been under a rick..hehe rock…or maybe I should leave rick…anyways, here it is..


…Basically my point is, I hope that one day I will make someone laugh so hard I will hit their funny bone… well, I won’t actually physically hit them…but you get the idea.

Like this man, (NAME DROP! CHRIS ROCK!!!) who blew me a kiss after his surprise appearance at the comedy store in L.A.

Here is a link to me making myself laugh…Sorry, no Rock in it or Rick for that matter…. just some Buffy and Hugh.


Thanks for taking the time to read/watch my thoughts….I hope you smiled. :)